Create memories to last a lifetime!

Four generations of big cat conservation & education

With over sixty years of experience working with animals, we understand the needs of our Big Cats.


All of our experiences are tailored around the welfare of our animals, incorporating their natural behaviours and characteristics whilst allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable experience as you join them in their natural habitat for an insightful adventure!

Featured experiences

Take a walk on the wild side, in the heart of the African bushveld


Join us in the heart of the African Bush, and for once the words “a walk on the wild side” are worthy of putting on your bucket list.


Enjoy surreal experiences spending time with our magnificent cheetah and lions in their natural habitat and walk away with a deeper understanding of these incredible Big Cats through the moments you share and the emotional connection you share with them.


Ideally located in the heart of the Waterberg and opposite Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, we are only 30 minutes away from Bela Bela’s top holiday resorts and have something for couples or the whole family to enjoy.

Cheetah Picnic

cheetah picnic

Come and relax in the tranquility of the stunning bush with one of our cheetah at our stunning picnic spot, set up under a beautiful tree and indulge in a delicious cheese board consisting of a selection of cheeses, crackers, cold meat, fruit and water.

Big Cat Experience

big cat experience jump

Meet one of our beautiful cheetahs in a relaxed bush encounter, then enjoy taking a gentle stroll through the Bushveld with two of our majestic adult lions where you can experience all of the stunning sights and sounds that nature has to offer.


There are plenty of amazing photo opportunities along the way, so be sure to charge your camera and bring it along!

Family Experience

family experience guided lion and cheetah tours

This option is perfect for the whole family. View our Big Cats, experience the agility and strength of our Lions, see how fast a cheetah can run and the kids can feed the lions too. (Feeding meat sold separately)

Become buds with our big cats!

Each one of our lions and cheetah has a distinct personality, and their own history which brought them to us. 

Get a feel for interacting with these incredible animals and what to expect when visiting us. 

You can also support each Big Cat with donations to help us maintain our immaculate care for our beloved Big Cats.


Lundi the lioness limpopo south africa

Raised by Kierin’s Grandparents alongside a hyena, which is still in Polokwane.


She has been walking alongside humans her whole life and is affectionate and intuitive.


jack adult lion limpopo

Meet Jack, the orphaned male lion cub who after being thrown so many obstacles at such an early age, has shown the true meaning of life and the will to survive.


Jack was born on a neighbouring farm, however, his mum tragically died whilst giving birth.


About a day or two later, Jack was found hidden away with what we think was his stillborn brother. The farmer immediately contacted us and we collected Jack, a tiny starving cub who was so fortunate to have survived so long without the nurturing care of his mum.


Today, he’s a young adult lion that is living a healthy, enriched life thanks to our diligent care over the years and Jack’s incredible inner spirit!

Photographic experiences

wildlife photography with lions

Book our lions and cheetah for an exclusive photo safari and get that perfect shot.


Contact us for more information.

Weddings & special events

wedding proposals and special events

Upon request, we can help you plan the perfect proposal in the heart of the African bushveld, with magnificent animals by your side to make moments even more memorable.


We offer support for making special events such as proposals, weddings, group events, wildlife photography experiences, and more.


Get in touch with us to find out more

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