An unmissable experience along the African Ivory Route in Limpopo

A Walk On The Wild Side

Big Cat Experiences is a unique place that puts you in the heart of a wild, untamed conservancy, and for once the words “a walk on the wild side” are worthy of putting on your bucket list.  Join us for the surreal experience of interacting with our magnificent Cheetah and Lions and walk away with a deeper understanding of these incredible animals not through words, but through the moments you share with them.

As a place for making memories that’ll last you a lifetime, you’ll not leave Big Cat Experiences without taking at least one breathtaking moment away with you.  

Up-Close and Personal

Big Cat Experiences guarantees you an up-close-and-personal experiences unlike any other with our stunning Lions and Cheetahs. Learn about these majestic animals without fences or game vehicles getting in the way. Our professional guides know our lions and cheetah well and the key to a safe and ethical interaction is respecting the animal and being aware that they are allowing us to share their natural surroundings with them.

It’s an incredible experience to tell your friends about – just as long as you’re not left permanently speechless!