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Why do we walk with our lions?

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Cub petting, lion hunting and the bone trade; are we involved?

No, no & no!

  1. We have a policy against public interactions with any animal under the age of two years old.
  2. We are in the tourism industry and we only have enough animals for what we need and therefore we dont actively breed any of our animals.

What is the experience all about?

It’s about being offered the opportunity to see and experience our majestic cats in their natural habitat, so that you can gain a much better and personal understanding of our animals and hopefully walk away having made a true and lasting connection with conservation.

Is it in the best interest of our animals to be in captivity?

Yes – all of our animals have been captive bred and therefore they don’t know what the wild is. It’s also important to understand that there is virtually nowhere that we could release our animals and ensure their safety and wellbeing. I am pretty sure that given a choice, they would rather stay with us anyway, if I were to come back in a different life, I would prefer to come back as one of our animals.

Where did your animals come from?

Our animals have been in our family since the 1960’s when my great grandparents started rescuing and fostering orphaned animals.

Does the experience interfere with the natural behaviors of our animals?

No. To the contrary, all of our experiences are designed to promote our animals to display their natural behavior’s and instincts and it gives us as the audience the amazing opportunity to witness these very characteristics in the animal’s natural environment.

Is the experience natural for our animals

Yes, everything we do is designed to be as natural as possible for the animal as this forms an essential part of their daily enrichment.

Does the animal have freedom of choice to be involved in the experience?

Yes, all of our experiences are conducted on a 4000-hectare game farm, without fences and our animals have the choice to disappear off into the bush if they want to be away from us and we are yet to see that happen.

Are our animals drugged or declawed?

No, most definitely not – this would be completely unethical and cruel to the animal.

How is Big Cat Experiences different from seeing lions in a park or from a game drive vehicle?

We offer a uniquely different perspective on these beautiful and magnificent cats, in their own natural habitat, where you don’t just get a glimpse of these elusive animals, you get to share in their natural surroundings and create a true and meaningful bond and understanding that will last you a lifetime and one person at a time, ensure the conservation and continued existence of them.