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Big Cat Experiences has regrettably closed for the remainder of 2021  due to the issues we’ve faced during COVID-19 that have had a detrimental impact on our business.


We hope to open again in the future and we are still searching for donations to help us revive Big Cat Experiences and provide the care & conditions that our big cats deserve.


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We care for a variety of Big Cats on our farm, situated in Bela Bela Limpopo.


Whilst we do cater for experiences for our guests, our priority is always ensuring that our animals’ nature is not influenced by unethical practises and training – we invite you into their natural habitat, to be alongside them for an insightful, memorable experience.


Each of our lions and cheetah has a distinct personality and unique traits that you’ll experience when interacting with them.


To give you a snapshot into a summary of their personalities, we’ve provided some information and images below.


You can find our more about our lion tours, cheetah tours and big cat experiences by visiting our experiences page.

Big Girls




The “three sisters”, as they are so affectionately known, are our oldest lions.

The three sisters were born in the same litter in 2009 and were raised by my grandparents in Polokwane and have been with us ever since.

They remain together as one of our two prides of lions and although the hierarchy changes regularly, Janie usually takes on the Matriarchal role.

Gina, Jana and Janie are so playful and can often be observed playing with each other on the walks.

Jack's Pride


Lundi - lion licking her paw in Limpopo bushveld



Jack the lion

Jack is our only rescued lion and we have had him since he was two days old back in 2018.

Jack is slowly assuming the role of Patriarch in his pride with Lundi and Dora.

Lundi and Dora are both cubs from Janie and were born in 2016 and raised by us. Lundi was born blind in one eye, but it doesn’t affect her one bit.

Jack’s pride is so diverse, Lundi looks mean because of her one eye but she is actually a sweetheart and Dora is just so playful, but more cautious and certainly keeps up to her name of “Dora the explorer”.





Savannah is such a gentle Cat who just loves attention. She has always been quite a lean Cheetah and we have recorded her doing an impressive 96 Km/h on the Cheetah Run before.

Blitz can be a little naughty sometimes, all he wants to do is get out and hunt and explore. He is such a character and just loves attention, but on his own terms.

Solo suffered from Liver damage/failure from previous mismanagement at another establishment before being handed over to us for our care.

He won over our hearts instantly.

The most gentle and affectionate cat I’ve known. Always purring and wanting to lick us and have us by his side. He was more than an animal, more than just a cheetah, he was a family member – just as all our cats are. Rest in peace, Solo.

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